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Why Xanitra

1. Lock, Stock and two smoking Barrels                                                                    

2.Suicide killers                                                                                                         

3.Reservoir Dogs                                                                                                      

4. Fifth Element                                                                                                        

5. Heat                                                                                                                    

6. The Crow                                                                                                           

7. Last man standing                                                                                                

8. Predator                                                                                                             

9. Aliens                                                                                                                

10. The movie I can't remember the name of. 


1. A firework of a movie from beginning to end. I laughed my socks off, and was amazed at the shooting scenes. Great stuff! Wanted to go party after that one.

2. A japanese movie about two killers on the loose, who try their best to outkill eachother. A bit like "assassins" but done, so much better. 

3. A bank job goes terribly wrong. Wow. The genious thing though is the indepth of all the characters. You actually get to like quite a few of them by the end. 

4. Not so much action, but a mixture of many genres were action came on top. The entire movie is a work of art, and the music is astounding. Bruce delivers as always.

5. This one is a whooping 3 hours, and my how those hours fly by. Probably my best invested 3 hours ever. Great acting, a very good shooting sequence, and suspense.

6. Brandon Lee died a shining star. The hardcore action scenes, the sad lovestory, the goth, the great music. it is all there! Light the candles and put on your coat for this 

7. Bruce again, in a western movie that decided to be an action movie. Great music once again, and Christopher Walken does the toping. Great movie!

8. Action with some horror. Arnold shows he's got what it takes to "be back". Great direction, and nice adrenaline pumping weapon testing against a foe that won't die  :)

9. A lot of horror, with just a little more action. Signorney Weaver shows that women can kick ass. This time the foes die, but there are too many of them. Great fun

10. Yup. You are right. This is the movie I can't remember the name of. It stars Ice T for one.. I'll get back with more once I find the cover in my house somewhere

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