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Why Xanitra

1. Weird Science 

2.Happy Gilmore                                                                        

3.Ace Ventura                                                                                                

4. Fargo                                                                        

5. SpaceBalls                                                                                        

6. Meet the Parents                                                                   

7. Shaun the Dead                                                       

8. Bowling for Colombine                                                                

9. Jackass                                      

10. Southpark the movie_____________________ 


1. Oh so funny, oh so funny.   This is the funniest movie in history of mankind, and womankind. Be kind. 

2. Lol. Rofl! hahahah!  

3. Oh my Lolz!! Oh so funny!  

4. Well, tragic, but very, insanely funny. Steve Buchemi rocks, Peter Stormare kicks ass!  

5. Only funny if you've seen Starwars to death, and I have.  

6. Not so funny as the others, but still a laugh, or two. Don't see it too many times though. 

7. Brilliant movie! Goes to show you that some CAN make fun of the horror genre and get away with it. 

8. Actually a documentary, but I saw it drunk, and fell to the floor laughing. Call me a bastard.  

9. Don't get me wrong, I don't like people getting hurt. But when they want to get hurt, that is funny. 

10. This is a "last but not least" entry. This movie is so funny, and intelligent at the same time. Wow. Enjoy. 

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