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Why Xanitra

1. Letters from Vietnam 

2.Bowling for Colombine 

3.Farenheit 9/11                                                                                                

4. 9/11                                                                        

5. Supersize me                                                                                        

6. Hitler: The rise of Evil                                                                   

7. Son of the North Star                                                       

8. Man on the Moon                                                                

9. Blue Planet                                      

10. Life on Earth_____________________ 


1. The best documentary movie I've ever seen, which bases it facts on letters sent from soldiers from Vietnam who never returned. 

2. Probably some overused, and bent facts in some parts. But still, the movie does point a finger at USA in a good way.  

3. From the same guy as the above movie. A bit more facts, less propaganda. Which makes it a bit more boring. Interesting though. Bush, bad, bad! 

4. A movie shot by some guys during the attack on the twin towers. Powerful document of the most important event this century.  

5. A movie that attacks fast food chains like Mac Donalds. And with good reason: We aren't getting any thinner.  

6. A hollywood made movie of sorts, which shows Hitler's life from coward, to tyrant.  

7. A movie about General Custer's life with the Indians, and with he American army.  

8. Jim Carrey in a documentary / comedy sort of thing about a comedian who wants to go new ways to make people laugh. 

9. One of the best documentary series I've seen from BBC, about life in our oceans. Narrated by David Attenborough. 

10. A trip through evolution, Narrated again by David Attenborough. 

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