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Why Xanitra

1. It's all gone Pete Tong                                                           

2.One flew over the coocoo's Nest                                                                        


4. Dead poet's Society                                                                                      

5. The Truman Show                                                                                         

6. The Prisoner of Second Avenue                                                                   

7. Gattaca                                                                                                

8. The Edge                                                                                                             

9. Donnie Darko                                                                                  

10. Vanilla Sky_____________________ 


1. It says on the cover that it is a comedy.  But I say it is more a drama movie. It touched me in so many ways that you just have to see it for yourself. Highly recommended.  

2. Jack Nickolson's few movies were he is a good guy. A movie about how the system works, for some people.  

3. No, not the karate fearless movie. This is Jeff Bridges at his best. He sees his life change after having experienced a plane crash. Excellent stuff.  

4. Robin Williams in a drama for once. Maybe not where he likes it best, but he delivers. Great movie about being unique, and wanting to show it. 

5. Another movie which said "comedy" on the cover, which would prove to be so much more. Jim Carrey, you rock man!

6. An oldie, but goldie. This movie Jack Lemmon and Anne Bancroft shows what happens to some people, when a heatwave strikes New York. Tragic, and funny at the same time. Brilliant!

7. The cliche's might be a bit overused, but the acting, and the great story just makes this a great movie. Get your tissues. 

8. A drama thriller, with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin in this imense drama! There is also a bear...

9. A sci-fi, drama, comedy, horror movie. Mostly drama though as the conclusion shows. FANTASTIC movie. 

10. This man can act. This movie proves it. What a wonderful movie, from beginning to end, to beginning again.(?)

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