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Why Xanitra

1. Alien                                                           


3.The Fog                                                                                                

4. The Ring (american version)                                                                        

5. Event Horizon                                                                                        

6. Tommyknockers                                                                   

7. Saw                                                       

8. Se7en (seven)                                                                

9. Evil Dead                                      

10. Dr. Who: Pyramids of Mars_____________________ 


1. Yes, this movie would be the mother of all horror movies. The movie which all horror movies would be measured by. A _L_I_E_N 

2. And this movie is the most frightening movie I've ever seen. It still gives me the chills, even today. 

3. If music would be an actor, than this actor deserves an oscar. Great movie, only greatly enhanced by it's music.  

4. Few movies of today, manage to chill as much as the old. But some still do. Many say The Ring isn't so good. But I like it.  

5. Another fine example of a new movie that IS scary without overused computer graphics. And it happens in space as well. 

6. Not so much scary before the end, but when the end comes, oh boy, grab whatever you have, popcorn, lover, or whatnot.  

7. A movie that is a bit like Seven, and we like Seven.  

8. A movie that is a bit like Saw, and we like Saw. 

9. Nice. More grotesque than this, and we have to call 911.  

10. Dr. Who, this time starring Tom Baker, deserves a place here. This is true horror, as it should be. Amen. 

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