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Why Xanitra

1. X-Files                                                           

2.Sex in the City                                                                        


4. Melrose Place                                                                        

5. Star Trek: Next Generation                                                                  

6. Babylon: 5                                                                   

7. V                                                       

8. Everybody loves Raymond                                                     

9. Fresh Prince in Belair                                      

10. Dr. Who_____________________ 


1. For us guys, there is nothing better than this. Let the tales of propaganda and mischief begin. I want to believe. 

2. And for the opposite sex, this series stands tall. Quality, humour, sexuallity, love, and everything in between is covered well here.  

3. Oh yes, Friends. We've all seen it. But why? Why have we all seen it? Because it is fucking amazing of course!!  

4. A soap with that something extra. Yup. Melrose Place has all the soap you want to get you all bubbled up, and then some.  

5. Sci-Fi for the whole family. Yup. Star Trek's greatest achievement is this series. Go Jean Luc Picard! 

6. The quality of the story, the acting, of this saga is what brings it all to life. And it is real. Isn't it? 

7. A sci fi series with a pinch of hardcore horror. V the first series, is quite amazing. And came as a surprise to me, and many others. 

8. A sitcom which has grown in the hearts of many. Why? Because it is funny, and we can relate to the characters. That's why.  

9. This is still in my view, Will Smith's biggest, and only achievement. This series is truly funny! 

10. Dr. Who starring Tom Baker. Yum yum.  

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