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Welcome to the Irresponsible Maniacs homepage. Irresponsible Maniacs is a group of people gathering online for the superb game EvE Online.

Eve is a game of interstellar human interaction. This can result in business deals, conflict, various forms of diplomacy, trade and commerce. Since it all happens in space, players drive around in spaceships. Players can also form corporations to strive for common goals and ideals.

Irresponsible Maniacs is one of these corporations, and this page is Irresponsible Maniacs's main page on the internet, so if you've found your way here through the game, you'll probably want to search this page for information about the corporation within this page. If you just stumbled here by accident, and are interested in the game, you should probably visit the EvE Online homepage for info on how to register an account to play the game.

If you are interested in the corporation itself read on:
Irresponsible Maniacs is one of the thousand corporations within the game.
What makes us different is that we take care of our own:

* We rely on a stable force that constantly mines to insure the stability of the military force, as well as a steady working team for mining porpuses. This also insures the healthy growth of the corp. 

* We let you be free. No taxes. Exclusive rights to hangar, and essential free equipment to succeed.

* Rely on protection. Our stronger members have an obligation to protect you while mining. This so you can get your quota raw materials safely into station, without having to worry about pirates, and other ilk. We are there for you, till you own the means to protect yourself.

* Our headquarters lies in a nice spot, close to Jita, and other lucrative locations for shopping, fighting, mining, and leasure.

* Have questions about the game? Go ahead and ask us. We have qualified staff to answer all your questions and needs. And we of course write perfect English, so if you speak English, you'll feel right at home here. 

* And last but not least, you'll get to know a nice bunch of people, from all parts of the world.

Sounds interesting?
Why not join us?