Rules for requesting songs.




A few of you email me and wonder if I you can get a few of the songs on the lists presented here.

The lists were generated using winamp, so the lists are yes, from actual playlists.


The songs have either been downloaded from free sites, or ripped from CDs I myself own.




Doe to the mere number of these requests per week, I will have to make some rules so this does not go out of hand.

I am tired of helping people with their suffering, and getting them these files

without so much as a thank you in return. It takes quite a while to set this up, as I make these files available from the



And please, I beg you, do not ask me for tracks which has been copied from CDs that are bound by copyright, and can easily be bought

from any store,,uk(com) or



ok. So here goes then.

If you've read that, and still want to continue, there is a fee involved.

I use paypal which is a safe system for paying over the internet. You can safely avoid credit card fraud by using paypal. That is why I use it, and then

I guess the same safety will apply to you.

my paypal account is

For the job alone, I charge 20

This is for the work of setting up the transfer, which takes a bit:



1 finding the right hard disk where the song is contained

2 finding the song

3 actually setting the code up so you can get the download link when you click the song.





the first song is free, after that it is 2 per song.


Example 1:

Willy Wanka wants 5 songs from my list, I send him to this page, and he still wants to continue,

then his price would be 28

He does not have a paypal account, so I tell him to set up one at which is totally free.


Example 2:

Roger Bananas tells me to download limewire and make the songs available for download.

I tell Roger Bananas to go fuck himself.


Example 3:

Diana Ross tells me she needs a song for her collection, she does have paypal and uses it often for her buys.

She tells me she has already read this page, and has already transferred 20 to my paypal account.

I not only make the song requested available for download, but I also let her download my latest single as a thank you.



Example 4:

Osama Bin Laden calls me, and tells me he will bomb my house down if he does not get Micheal Jackson - Bad.

I tell him nervously on the phone that the mentioned song I do not have, but he can go to the store and buy the CD.

Osama Bin Laden tells me that I am a good man, and hangs up.





so there you go, nothing more to it. I think I have reduced the number of people requesting songs now by at least 95%




I know it can be frustrating to lose a song, and I will try my best to help.

So please, follow the rules above, and we'll get along just fine.

I have read the rules, and accept the rules 100%

I do not accept the rules, go fuck yourself.