This is the page where I present my only character in World of Warcraft that I play.
His name is Joldrath, and he is a general undead bloke. That means he is dead, and has risen to life from the grave.
His tragic death leaves much to be desired, as he was robbed, and slaughtered by a group of thugs on his way home from a rather wet night in the village.

When he woke up, he was undead. Why he was awaken to his new life as a rotten somebody with an axe, he doesn't know, but he is determined to find the people who ended his life

so abrubtly, and do the same to them. Not because it will make the world a better place, but because it will probably end Joldrath's undead state, and make him finally rest in peace.

This is Joldrath as he is now. He usually dwells in Ogrimmar, at a bar, getting drunk ( yes, it takes longer, but also undead get pretty boozed up on alcohol. )

His friends know him for being quite rude for no reason, he doesn't like people, and he usually likes spending his time alone. He has few friends, but

the friends he does have, he can tolerate to sit with, even for a beer.

His greatest fear is meeting his destiny which is the thugs that robbed him, unprepared. So he usually gets chores from somebody to do, and recieve rewards, which he uses

to better prepare himself for what is in store. He will meet the men who murdured him, he knows that. It is just a matter of time.


This is his axe:

A fairly straightforward thing, which has to be carried in two hands. Yes, it is that big. Joldrath doesn't believe in carrying a shield. Instead, he believes in cracking the skulls of his enemies open with his large axe, before they know what happened to them. Oh yes.

Joldrath resides in the realm known as Doomhammer. If you see him, why don't you have a drink with him, he is really nice, once you get to know his axe, and himself of course.








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