2007 has been the year where I perfected my skills with the equipment I already have than buying new stuff. Since I'll become a student after summer, I have to take advantage of the gear I have. Which is more than good enough. As of 5 of July, two new songs have seen the light of day. Slow Rain, and The priest that touched me released in opposite order.

Xanitra - the priest that touched me   - I am getting to know my new gear. After plain and simple, and the beat there, I wanted to expand my new found logic of beats into a new track. The result was this one, with some new extraordinary beats but with the same xanitra atmosphere. Enjoy this track.



Xanitra - slow rain

Playing around one day on my synth, and hit "record". This is the result. A bit like "stars will die" that it doesn't use any beats, but is more for the soothing of mind. Listen to rain, in slow motion.