This is the Xanitra studio. Everything you see

here is authentic, and is actually what my studio looks like. No effects, or other digital short cuts were used to enhance this studio, everything is, as you see it.

This is my wonderful Virus. See how many gadgets, buttons and things it has... mmm.. beautiful. Once you learn the true potential of this baby, you never go back.


This is my Korg, and although vastly inferior to my Virus, it is responsible for the beats and bass, which in true form, is what the Korg does better than the dominant Virus.



My sound card, which is a sort of gaming card, studio card, and movie card at the same time, is excellent for my music making needs.




And last but not least, I have a couple of monitors


The mixer I use to mix the signal between everything to make it just sound right.. I have a microphone too, but that is so boring I won't bother with that.


Now that I've given you the grand tour, please, feel free to visit the site.